Nima is president of Innovative Solutions Services (ISS), Inc Company. 

His team is working on the performance of green and smart buildings. Their focus is on delivering novel green, energy-efficient, high-performance, and smart features and technologies for buildings.  

Nima is green and sustainable building consultant, high performance building designer, structural engineer, project manager, and green business administrator in the following areas of focus:

1- In the field of sustainable design, Nima is project manager, sustainability consultant, structural engineer, green building designer, and sustainable interior- exterior environment designer. Nima is adept at planning for the inclusion of novel ideas and innovations in green building technologies, energy efficiency, and building management systems, 

2- In the field of industrial design, Nima is planer, conceptual modeling designer, design director, and design projects manager. 

Nima is a specialist in designing industrial, innovative, and conceptual 3D models and creating realistic architectural environment, and generating real-time walkthrough in virtual reality (VR) which allows you to walk around your landscape as you were in reality by 3D computer graphic softwares such as “VRAY” engine, “Unreal engine”, “3Ds max”, “AutoCAD”.

According to his PHD research in organizational and green building management, his focus is on the following topics: 

1- enhance the performance of green building in the purpose of achieving: (1) environmental sustainability (i.e., reducing negative impacts, preserving natural resources, and protecting the environment), (2) economic sustainability (i.e., saving money during life cycle of building), and (3) social sustainability (i.e., improving the residents’ quality of life and human health environment). 

2- bring the novel ideas, technologies, and innovations in green building, energy efficiency, and building management systems and investigate the variables affecting the performance and success of the green building through simulating in immersive virtual environments (IVEs).

3- enhance the performance of green building organizations includes companies, associations, marketers, manufacturers, suppliers, designers, architects, contractors, builders and consultants involved in green building through scanning organization’s external & internal environment, identifying the strategic organizational resources (RBV), and presenting novel practical and academic ways to increase the performance of green products in order to provide an effective Business/Corporate and International level strategic management that achieves sustainable competitive advantage. 

Based on his educational background in structural engineering and having more than 20 years of experience in the field of construction and project management, he is professional in applying novel ideas and innovations, green building technologies (GBTs), low cost and energy efficient materials, and building management system (BMS) to pre-built and new buildings in order to reduce the energy consumption and related costs. He can provide low-cost solutions to bring “green” to your buildings and save your money.




-Ph.D. in business administration and management, Trident at 

 American InterContinental University in California-USA  

-M.Sc. Civil  Engineering-Structural Engineering  

-B.Sc. Civil Engineering


 Nima is the  ISSA bodybuilding trainer from California-USA.